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Prepare for Fuel Winterizing

Seasoned dealers prepare now for stabilizing fuel to be stored over the winter. They know the year-round additives transitioned from the automotive market won’t do the job. Those products are designed for short-term storage periods of a month at best, during the warmer boating season.  

Most tradesmen prefer to use a time-proven product for long-term storage.  Marine

Development & Research (MDR) manufactures and markets an original marine stabilizer, known to the trade for over 40 years as STOR-N-START. The new formulation is a pure stabilizer. It doesn’t contain the superfluous additives found in the year-round products, which drop-out of the solution over time and may deactivate upon contact with any water in the fuel system. Both conditions add to the sediment and deposits that accumulate in the tank.  

STOR-N-START’s Triple Action Protection does the job

The new pure STOR-N-START offers a state-of-the-art product comprised of a collation of anti-oxidant compounds which serve to stop the debilitating gum-forming reactions from progressing in the gasoline. These guardians provide the triple action protection to fight gum formation at all levels of its development; namely, by oxygen combining with gasoline, the reaction with peroxides, and polymerization to insoluble gum, resin, and varnish.

At each stage in the sequence, STOR-N-START copes through its corresponding defensive component to stop, retard, or deactivate the reactants involved. A metal deactivator neutralizes the acceleration process of the gum formation and its catalytic nature arrests any corrosive action. MDR’s long-term stabilizer prevents gum and resin deposits from forming to protect the boat’s motor from the perils of sticky valves and clogged filters, fuel injectors and carburetors. STOR-N-START keeps the fuel system clean and the engine running smoothly.

Simple steps to winterization

When best to winterize?  

Experienced mariners focus on the main purpose of winterization; namely, fuel stability throughout long-term storage. They want as clean and fresh a fuel as possible to start the storage period. One in which gum formation has had little time to occur.  

So they advise running the tank down to near empty on the last run of the season, and refilling (to approximately 95% full) with the newly arrived winter grade gasoline. The older fuel in the tank came from a run of summer grade gas. Refineries begin making it as early as May 1 for EPA mandated marketing by June 15. That fuel has already been stored more than 30 days, the time experts claim oxygenated gasoline begins to deteriorate.

Most dealers advise to treat the first tank full with a stabilizer, usually contained in an additive package with other maintenance products. The concept works for in-season use, when storage periods are short-term, amounting to less than two months. MDR’s PEP, which contains STOR-N-START, is made for that purpose.  

However, if in-season storage periods exceed 60 days, then one should treat the fuel with the pure stabilizer - STOR-N-START. This is obvious since the oxidation reactions that degrade gasoline are accelerated by higher temperatures.

Then, when it comes time to put the boat into long-term storage, it’s best to empty the tank of the aged, multi-additive treated summer grade fuel and refill the tank with clean, fresh winter grade gasoline only made on or after September 1, and coming to market on September 15. Hardly any time exists for the aging process to start.  

Just be sure to add STOR-N-START. That’s it. Follow MDR’s Winterizing Plan now and start the boating season off trouble free in the spring.


prevents gum formation and

keeps the engine running smoothly.

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